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摘要:2019 中考时态专项练习及解析 含时间标志词 1. (2018 北京)—Where did you go last weekend? —I ________ to the Great Wall. A. go B. went C. will go D. have gone 2. (2018 北京)Please don't make so much noise. The baby ________ now. A. sleeps B. slept C. will sleep  D. is sleeping 3. (2018 北京)It's nice to see you again. We ________ each other since 2014. A. won't see B. don't see C. haven't seen D. didn't see 4. (2018 上海)Last week Vivian________ a dress for her mother with her first month salary. A. buy B. bought C. will buy D. would buy 5. (2018 天津)My mother ________ dinner when I got home yesterday. A. has cooked B. was cooking C. will cook D. cooks 6. (2018 天津)—What a nice watch! How long ________ you __
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