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摘要:八毛八文库(两亿文档等你下载,什么都有,不信你来搜 奥鹏作业答案 一、 单选题 (共 25 道试题,共 100 分) What he wrote made no ___to me. I think it quite essential that your child ___ a foreign language at school. After living for years in a big city, they found it difficult to settle ______ in a town. Voices of argument were ___as the two motorists became more bad-tempered. But for your help, we ___the work as scheduled. I can only do it for you ___I’m paid in advance. We___it without your help. Hardly had they arrived at the airport ___the plane started to leave. 八毛八文库(两亿文档等你下载,什么都有,不信你来搜 Spring ___, we may look forward to better weather. Is there any___in your company? At the a
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